DSEI 2017

On the water [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Today’s waterborne demonstrations will take place in the Royal Victoria Dock and will be best viewed from the grandstand on the dock edge next to the East Terrace at the eastern end of ExCeL.

The main demonstration, Operation MARCAP, consists of individual capability demonstrations from a number of world-leading maritime companies. There are nine small vessels and RIBs that will participate in two waterborne demonstrations at 12.00 and 15.30.

Operation MARCAP This dynamic demonstration will display the maritime capability of nine specialised vessels and associated equipment. The scenario is based around a maritime interdiction operation; it will open with precursor activity comprising covert/ discreet surveillance leading to a boarding by Royal Marines of a suspect vessel under the cover of a number of fire support capabilities, including an offshore raiding craft currently in service with the Royal Marines; this will be followed by simulated recovery of a survivor from in the water.

Free time Outside the Waterborne Demonstration periods, the boats may be available for short on-water demonstrations, on request to the relevant companies. Please see the companies on their stand if you have a serious interest in procurement. Visiting ships DSEI is proud to welcome the following ships to ExCeL:

• HMS Argyll − Type 23 Dukeclass frigate, Royal Navy

• HMS Cattistock − Huntclass mine countermeasures vessel, Royal Navy

• HMS Mersey − River-class offshore patrol vessel, Royal Navy

• HMS Puncher − Archer-class patrol vessel, Royal Navy

• HMS Trumpeter − Archerclass patrol vessel, Royal Navy

• BNS Pollux − Belgian Navy Vessel

Visitors wishing to embark any vessel should register in advance at the Ship Visits Office, which is located on the main Boulevard in the Concierge opposite entrances N7 and S7. The exit to the Docks is located close to the Naval Theatre in the Naval Zone. Book early to avoid disappointment.

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