Complete air defence [CANSEC17D2]

01 June 2017

Saab (Booth 1521) is showcasing its latest solution for evolving ground-based air defence requirements worldwide: the RBS 70 NG (new generation) very short-range air-defence system (VSHORADS).

An evolution of the earlier RBS 70, the RBS 70 NG features a new-generation integrated sighting system that includes a thermal imager, a built-in automatic target tracker, a digital IFF interrogator and advanced visual cueing aids.

The integrated high-resolution BORC thermal imager allows for 24/7 capability while advanced cueing improves reaction times and target acquisition down to one second.

The auto-tracker with manual override ensures the engagement of the target with high hit probability all over the missile range, while graphics-based human machine interface (HMI) and advanced guidance further enhance the performance during manual and auto-tracker engagements. e system is also equipped with a built-in video recording capability for post-mission review.

The NG sight has been specifically designed for a high degree of flexibility and modularity: in addition to the tripod-launched manportable air defence system (MANPADS) configuration, the same NG sight unit can be used in remote-controlled or vehicle applications.

The modular design of the RBS 70 NG system allows for integration into all vehicle types – tracked and wheeled – and for network integration and remote control.

Designed as a modular, highly flexible concept, the NG system allows the integration of legacy RBS 70 interceptors, but comes equipped as standard with the latest Mach 2 velocity Bolide fourth-generation all-target unjammable laser beam-riding missile.

Equipped with the Bolide interceptor, RBS 70 NG delivers a complete air defence capability against a wide threat set, ranging from xed- and rotary-wing platforms to low, slow and small (LSS) targets, such as cruise missiles and unmanned air systems at ranges from 220m to 9,000m and at altitudes from 0-5,000m (16,405 ft).

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the company is now in advanced development of a new RBS 70 NG-based solution optimised for a mobile SHORAD role. is comprises: an NG sighting system (laser beam-riding with IR camera); three co-mounted Bolide missiles (the earlier RBS 70 configuration had two missiles either side of the sight), installed on an expanded Track re cradle (weighing in total about 450kg/990lb); a new vehicle-mounted C2 system (developed for the Swedish Armed Forces) with improved communications; and the Saab Giraffe 1X I-/J-band 3D radar mounted on a separate vehicle

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