Realistic yet cost-effective training [CANSEC17D2]

01 June 2017

Suwanee, Georgia, USA-based Meggitt Training Systems’ new anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) training system is making its Canadian debut here at CANSEC, with demonstrations available at Booth 121.

The company is also displaying a broader version of its remote weapons station (RWS) desktop trainer.

“Meggitt’s RWS and ATGM desktop trainers represent a cost-effective training solution to meet today’s budget-constrained training requirements,” said Ed Duckless, president of Meggitt Training Systems Quebec.

“Visitors to Meggitt’s booth will experience the benefits of virtual training to ensure the continued readiness of the Canadian Armed Forces.”

The RWS and ATGM desktop trainers simulate all critical live functions for the practice and improvement of precision-gunnery skills. Highlights include a realistic, synthetic 3D environment and the latest visual effects and sounds, which the crew use to perform tasks, drills and procedures, while manipulating actual weapon hand controls and replicated weapon control interfaces. The desktop trainers are preloaded with multiple terrain databases and a wide selection of targets, including enemy forces, friendly forces and civilians.

System networking allows full crew training, including crew commander, gunner and driver stations.

Networked systems also offer platoon collective training or can feed into a larger training simulation system through its high-level architecture. The RWS and ATGM also provide control of the training session from a single station without instructor control, while simultaneously recording all training session results.

The RWS supports the .50cal (M2HB), C16 (MK19), C6 GPMG (M240) and C9 LMG (M249) weapons and their ammunition, while the ATGM supports the vehicle-mounted TOW missile, and can be readily adapted to deliver a multitude of solutions.

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