Venturing where others cannot [CANSEC17D1]

31 May 2017

Being shown for the first time at CANSEC is the latest vehicle from UTV International (Booth 3010), which, since 1995, has designed, engineered and manufactured standard and customised very low ground pressure tracked vehicles with high payload capacity and exceptional power-to-weight ratios.

The Voyager four-track articulated 10-ton carrier with a three-speed, front and rear combined hydrostatic drive, powered by a 275hp Cat C7.1 ACERT engine, offers performance and simplicity that make it very easy to use. It can negotiate slopes as steep as 70 per cent (35°), and the Art three-axis articulation maintains connection between the front and rear car, even when turning while climbing. Its maximum fording depth of 48in (1.2m) allows the Voyager to cross brooks, ditches and even shallow rivers and lakes. With 32 (10m) of 33in (840mm) wide track on the ground, its low ground pressure of 2.0psi unloaded and 4.1psi fully loaded gives high flotation, leaving only a slight footprint.

The front car can have an open or closed cab, configured for five or six passengers, and has a rear deck, which can be used to mount a crane. The interchangeable rear car can be configured for 12 passengers, dump box, flatbed, fuel or water transport, or container roll on/roll off, demonstrating its high versatility.

UTV vehicles are in service in North and South America and Asia, where they are used by forestry, logging, mining, energy, power and telecoms companies, as well as by the Canadian Forces.

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