Marine gas turbine targeted at CSC [CANSEC17D1]

31 May 2017

Building on a long record in Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) service, and a worldwide installed base extending across another 34 navies, GE is using CANSEC 2017 to position its LM2500 gas turbine family to meet the needs of the next-generation Canadian Surface Combatant.

“GE’s LM2500 family of engines [has set] the benchmark for reliability based on over 14 million operating hours in the marine environment, and another 65 million in industrial applications,” said Brien Bolsinger, GE’s vice president, Marine Operations.

“In fact, the RCN has 24 LM2500 marine gas turbines that propel its Halifax-class frigates.”

For the past 16 years, GE (Booth 1721) has provided maintenance and logistic support services for the RCN’s LM2500 gas turbine fleet under a contract with Public Services and Procurement Canada. The contract provides the RCN with many benefits, most notably the impressive availability of the RCN’s LM2500 fleet over the 16 years of the GE contract, which averaged 99.9 per cent.

According to GE, this agreement includes 24/7 on-site technical support, as well as repair, overhaul and engineering support, parts warehousing and inventory management, field service representative support (home port and deployed), operational-level maintenance, and configuration management.

The company also provides support of the RCN naval engineering school training curriculum for on-engine and equipment maintenance, and is responsible for the supply and distribution of technical manuals.

“We back these reliable marine engines with extensive in-country engine support capabilities, making our LM2500 gas turbine family the low-risk solution for the RCN’s Canadian Surface Combatant programme,” said Bolsinger.

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