A high-tech way to find the range [CANSEC17D1]

31 May 2017

A newly released product is the LRB 6K, a 7x42 high-performance, high-tech laser rangefinder in a sleek and compact form.

The LRB 6K includes a 6,000m (NATO target) measuring range, a built-in digital magnetic compass, an inclinometer, and a GPS receiver.

Through USB and RS-232 interfaces, the LRB 6K can be operated remotely, have its stored data exported, and communicate with external GPS systems and ballistic computers. The combination of these features is said to make the LRB 6K an indispensable tool for military, special forces, and other professional operators.

Introduced last year, Newcon Optik’s Seeker M and Seeker S mountable laser rangefinders are designed to boresight with practically any optical system.

Their versatile, lightweight and MIL-SPEC design allows for faster and more accurate target acquisition.

The company’s new Spotter LRF and Spotter LRF PRO are the first of their kind – combined spotting scope/laser rangefinder systems that match 15-45x optics with a long-distance laser rangefinder in a single package.

Other products on display include Newcon Optik’s proven HDS 3AA and NC 1x21 red dot sights, which are designed specifically for military and law enforcement operations, and its full line of image-intensified night vision and thermal imaging systems.

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