No signal is missed [CANSEC17D1]

31 May 2017

Access to eavesdropping and electronic bugging devices is becoming easier and more affordable, as demonstrated by Contretron Inc (Booth 528), a certified Research Electronics International (REI) distributor, with REI’s new ANDRE Advanced Near-field Detection Receiver.

A hand-held broadband receiver that detects and assists in locating nearby RF, infrared, visible light, carrier current and other types of transmitters, ANDRE detects signal activity in its vicinity and displays changes in signal strength over time, allowing users to quickly locate the source of transmissions. Its frequency counter provides quick identification of the signal frequency and outputs additional information to an automatic signal list generator.

Antenna probes included with the ANDRE can be used to sweep rooms and objects in search of known, unknown, illegal, disruptive or interfering transmitters from 10kHz to 6GHz. A 3.5in touchscreen displays all of the operation controls and frequency activity. Eight displayed time intervals can be selected, ranging from five seconds to 24 hours. This helps identify pulsing signals and shows historical peaks, to ensure nothing will be missed.

Manual and automatic threshold settings notify the user when a signal exceeds defined strength levels with haptic, audible and visual alerts. The zoom function adjusts the viewable scale to a 30dB span to improve the view of RF activity.

ANDRE replaces the CPM‑700 Broadband detector that is discontinued but will still be supported with parts and service.

Contetron has been designing and manufacturing innovative test equipment for the telecommunications, utility and security industries since 1986.

It also specialises in electronic counter-surveillance, advising governments and law enforcement agencies on the detection of illegal electronic eavesdropping devices.

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