Clear and precise [CANSEC17D1]

31 May 2017

Creating and maintaining technical publications and customer support data across an international enterprise can be a challenge, especially with a diverse product line and highly complex applications. Lionbridge and CANSEC sponsor CLS LexiTech provide support for the introduction of new products and maintaining current in-service products for their customers’ requirements.

Its multi-shore delivery platform, paired with expertise in sectors such as aerospace, defence, automotive, maritime, heavy equipment, IT, and life sciences, enables its teams to produce the highest quality documentation.

With experts in key industry standards such as S1000D and DITA, its project managers, technical authors, illustrators, and multimedia specialists work with the client’s product development and engineering teams to gather, structure, create, and present information in a way that meets end user requirements and industry specifications in a clear and consistent manner.

As a leading global company with a focus on technical content, proficiency in 3D animations, augmented reality, virtual reality and integrated training, clients can avail themselves of its innovative solutions in hard copy, digital, and cloud formatting, from consulting to content development to publishing.

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