Intel Briefing: Chemical Weapons use in Syria and Iraq

07 April 2017

As the allegations of chemical weapons (CW) use in Iraq and Syria continues, there are increasing concerns that their use will both inspire others who to emulate such techniques and erode the norms against their use. Tracking and measuring the allegations of CW use in Syria and Iraq, however, pose considerable challenges to the research community which has hampered external understanding and limited the available discussion.

This briefing will examine the continuing allegations of CW use in Iraq and Syria and assess some of the potential future challenges in meeting this threat.

  • Overview of the research challenges
  • Accusations of CW use by the Syrian government
  • Accusations of CW use by non-state actors, including the Islamic State
  • The international response to CW accusations.

This is an extract of a 60 minute Intelligence Briefing.

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