IDEX 2017

More Marte for UAE [IDEX17D5]

23 February 2017

European missile house MBDA has secured a follow-on order worth AED million ($93.6 million) for the supply of additional Marte Mk 2/N anti-ship missiles to the UAE Naval Forces.

Developed by MBDA Italia as a ship-launched derivative of the air-launched Marte Mk 2/S missile, Marte Mk 2/N is able to strike targets at ranges in excess of 30km.

The missile flies a fire-and-forget sea-skimming profile using midcourse inertial guidance and radar homing.

The UAE placed its original contract for Marte Mk 2/N in 2009. The system equips twelve 27m Ghannatha fast craft; each ship system installation comprises four box launchers and missiles, together with a fire-control system.

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