IDEX 2017

A swarm of mini UAVs [IDEX17D5]

23 February 2017

Italian company Vitrociset (Stand 07-B10) is showing for the first time at IDEX the SWARM, a command and control system for a cooperative fleet of heterogeneous mini/micro UAVs.

The Swarm system is able to plan, execute and review the missions of the co-operative fleet, with each of the mini UAVs equipped with a different type of sensor (optical, infrared or acoustic).

The sensors collect data from the environment to share with the rest of the swarm, using advanced computer vision algorithms. This makes the Swarm system dynamically reconfigurable and scalable in terms of operational capabilities.

An important consideration is that the Swarm’s mini UAVs are structurally simple, at sensor level, to ensure that the loss of any one or more elements has a negligible impact in both operational and economic terms.

A ground station allows the operator to have a clear situational awareness, with the incoming data being processed and enabling him to adopt the best possible strategies for ongoing operations.

The command and control solution is based on a core built with a modular architecture, developed for robustness and reliability. It is expandable and deployable in a fixed multi-console environment or in a mobile configuration.

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