IDEX 2017

Hornet with a sting [IDEX17D5]

23 February 2017

EDePro from Serbia is exhibiting a mock-up of the X-01 Strsljen (hornet) rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as part of the Yugoimport display (Stand 12-E20).

Strsljen employs a modular structure with carbon fibre, steel and aluminium elements. Development began four years ago and the first hovering tests are due to begin this autumn.

As well as carrying a sensor turret under the nose, the Strsljen can be equipped to fire the EDePro Spider anti-tank missiles from weapon pylons, and can be armed with a 12.7mm machine gun.

Strsljen has an empty weight of 400kg and a gross weight of 750kg. The difference represents the useful load, including fuel.

The Strsljen’s normal fuel capacity is 200 litres, providing up to 3.5 hours of flight, but up to 240 litres can be carried to give an endurance of four hours.

Powering the Strsljen is a Phoenix 250 turboshaft, a new compact engine produced by EDePro. Weighing 65kg, the powerplant produces 230kW (308hp). This gives a maximum speed of 180km/h, although typically the vehicle cruises at 160km/h. Maximum altitude is 4,000m.

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