IDEX 2017

Zero the weapon [IDEX17D5]

23 February 2017

South African company Desert Wolf Consulting (Stand 12-C40) is showing the innovative Red-i laser boresighting system for marksmen who need to zero their rifles without firing a shot. This is especially critical for special operations forces or paratroopers in a situation where any noise would give away their position and thus endanger their lives and mission.

The boresighting system consists of a replica round of ammunition with an integral laser pointer, which gets activated when the bolt is closed with the round inserted into the rifle chamber. By aiming at a point 25m distant, the operator has simply to memorise and document the position of the laser ‘dot’ on the target in relation to the sights or crosshairs of the telescope.

This relation of the dot to the crosshairs will never change and needs to be done once only.

The marksman will know that if the red ‘dot’ is in that exact position as memorised, the rifle is zeroed at the required shooting distance.

Red-i has been subjected to tests in terms of Armscor’s Design Qualification Test Specification and was certified to conform to the requirements in all areas.

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