IDEX 2017

Protect against the unseen [IDEX17D4]

22 February 2017

Given modern society’s increased vulnerability to cyber attack, the military is equally at risk, writes Sam J Basch. The international cyber-security company DarkMatter (Stand 11-B28), headquartered in the UAE, is debuting its cyber-security tools and capabilities at IDEX.

The company believes security is no longer being defined by just the number of infantry or physical weapons, but rather the access to digital information, and the ability to protect that information from others who might look to use it to inflict harm.

According to DarkMatter, this paradigm shift in the concept of military and national defence has prompted countries around the world to invest heavily in cyber capabilities in order to keep their national institutions and systems protected from infiltration.

Besides launching RF jamming solutions and command, control and monitoring platforms, DarkMatter is for the first time showcasing the extent of its cyber network defence, big data and analytics, and secure communications capabilities for the defence sector. It is also highlighting its test and validation laboratories, crypto and managed security services.

The company performs intrusion detection and testing, and offers protection, remediation, and complete turnkey implementation management. DarkMatter says it is the only company in the region and one of an elite few globally that covers the vast spectrum of cyber security needs.

As founder and chief executive Faisal Al Bannai said: “It is abundantly clear that robust cyber-security defences are becoming as important to national security as standing armies and military hardware, if not more so.

The expansion of DarkMatter’s capabilities into this strategically significant area builds on our outlook to secure nations, enterprises and individuals from cyber threats in order to establish an overall standard of national cyber resilience and safety.”

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