IDEX 2017

Perfect vision [IDEX17D4]

22 February 2017

Chess Dynamics (Stand 05-C31) is promoting its Hawkeye Electro Optic family at IDEX. This employs the latest image processing and system automation techniques to reduce the dependence on the operator’s time and skills. It also reduces workload and training requirements.

Hawkeye is being marketed in vehicle, fixed and combat options, to meet different user requirements.

It can also be fully integrated with other surveillance systems such as radar to provide a complete automatic detection and tracking system for 24-hour operation.

The sensor package consists of a fully stabilised gimballed unit that incorporates the latest medium wave infrared thermal imager, a high-resolution day TV camera and an eye-safe laser rangefinder. The Hawkeye Vehicle System has the sensors mounted on a telescopic mast that can be retracted when not required and has been designed for mobile operations.

The fixed system is typically used for long-range surveillance. It can be a standalone element or used as part of an area network integrated with radars, ground sensors, and optical and acoustic warning systems.

All systems also incorporate advanced image processing and built-in automatic target detection, target tracking, situational awareness panoramic displays and video recording and still-frame capture with the associated metadata for intelligence and evidence capture.

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