IDEX 2017

CoastControlsurveillance suite [IDEX17D4]

22 February 2017

With threats to maritime security an increasing concern, defence and security company Saab (Stand 07-B41) has launched Coast- Control to make the work of coast guards around the world more efficient and effective.

Saab is a well-established name in the maritime surveillance world, with at least a quarter of the world’s shipping tracked by the company’s solutions at any one time. CoastControl builds on that pedigree to provide a comprehensive surveillance solution, according to Tomas Hjelmberg, the company’s head of maritime traffic management.

“People often do not realise the breadth and intensity of coastal security work,” he said. “It often involves tasks such as search and rescue, law enforcement and environmental protection. Situations can evolve rapidly, and accurate decision support from Coast Control has the potential to save lives.”

Combining a full suite of surveillance and communications products with a strong workflow management tool that helps coastal security personnel stay ahead of any situation, CoastControl integrates proven Saab solutions in a new way to bring a higher level of control.

This includes tools for structured incident management, decision support, management of personnel, smart deployment of critical assets such as aircraft and ships, and around-the-clock surveillance.

According to Saab, such a high level of integration in a coastal security solution has not been available to the market before. It comes with integrated communications, full recording and replay capabilities and analysis tooling. The incident management workflow tool also automatically creates incident reports, reducing time-consuming reporting activities and freeing time for other tasks.

Additionally, it automates many user tasks, allowing personnel to focus on their jobs and get more done faster.

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