IDEX 2017

New horizons for NSM [IDEX17D4]

22 February 2017

Norway’s Kongsberg Defence Systems (Stand 10-B10) is showing a full-size scale model of its Naval Strike Missile (NSM) at IDEX.

Entering service with the Royal Norwegian Navy (RNoN) in October 2012, NSM was developed by Kongsberg to meet the RNoN’s requirements for a highly discriminative, stealthy, sea-skimming anti-ship missile able to penetrate shipboard defences and operate effectively in both blue water and littoral environments.

Capable of ranges beyond 200km, it combines a GPS-aided multi-sensor navigation suite with an advanced dual-band imaging infrared seeker with autonomous target recognition for terminal guidance.

Kongsberg is showcasing NSM at an important time for the programme.

Germany earlier this month announced that it is to procure NSM for its navy under a joint programme with Norway. The first German Navy vessels to be fitted with NSM will be the new MKS 180 multirole combat ships; in the long run, the missile is to become the standard anti-ship missile system on all the service’s frigates.

Meanwhile, Kongsberg is working with Raytheon Missile Systems in the US to bid NSM for the US Navy’s (USN’s) Over-The-Horizon Weapon System (OTH-WS) requirement.

OTH-WS is intended for forward fit to the USN’s new frigate class, and for backfit to existing Littoral Combat Ship vessels NSM has also been sold to Poland for mobile coastal defence battalions, and has been selected for the Royal Malaysian Navy’s Second Generation Patrol Vessel – Littoral Combat Ship programme.

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