IDEX 2017

Armed fighting module [IDEX17D4]

22 February 2017

Seen on Stand 9 in the Russian Pavilion is KBP Instrument Design Bureau’s complete Bakhcha Fighting Module (BFM).

This is a further development of the two-person turret installed on the Kurgan BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle used in large numbers in the Middle East.

BFM can be fitted on a wide range of tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles to improve their fire power and is already in service with Russia, installed on the BMD-4 airborne assault vehicle.

Main armament comprises the 100mm 2A70 gun that in addition to firing conventional natures of ammunition, can also fire a laser-guided missile. Its tandem high-explosive (HEAT) warhead will penetrate 700mm of conventional armour protected by explosive reactive armour and has a maximum range of 5,500m. A 30mm 2A72 dual-fed cannon and a 7.62mm PKTM machine gun (MG) is mounted co-axial with the 2A70 gun.

A total of 34 rounds of automatically loaded 100mm ammunition is carried of the high-explosive fragmentation (HE-FRAG) type, in addition to 500 rounds of 30mm cannon ammunition and 2,000 rounds of the 7.62mm MG ammunition.

It has two roof-mounted stabilised sights for the gunner (left) and commander (right) and an automatic target tracker. The gunner’s sight has day/thermal channel, laser rangefinder and a guided missile guidance channel. The commander’s panoramic sighting system has TV and range-finding channels. The sights are coupled to a computerised fire control system with a high hit probability claimed when the vehicle is stationary or moving or even when afloat.

According to KBP Instrument Design Bureau, the weapon system has both direct and indirect fire capabilities and can also be used to engage slow and low flying helicopters.

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