IDEX 2017

Combined ASDOT bid [IDEX17D4]

21 February 2017

Canadian air combat training specialist Discovery Air Defence Services has teamed with the UK’s Inzpire training organisation to bid for the UK Ministry of Defence’s ASDOT (air support to defence operational training) requirement for contractorised live air training capabilities.

Inzpire delivers advanced training solutions in both live and virtual environments to a number of customers, and is responsible for training UK Apache and Wildcat crews, as well as supporting RAF Typhoon operations.

Partner DA Defence (Stand 01- A15) operates the world’s largest fleet of privately owned adversary aircraft, and provides aggressor training for several air forces, including those of Canada and Germany. The company also provides aircraft for other duties, such as target-towing, forward air controller training and the replication of electronic threats.

As well as providing ongoing training support, DA Defence is a regular participant in NATO exercises.

The current fleet comprises Alpha Jet and A-4 Skyhawk fast jets, and Westwind business jets converted for various threat emulation missions.

Contractorised support for specialist air force training requirements is seen as a growth sector, and DA Defence is promoting its capabilities to a number of air arms.

The Middle East region is seen as a promising market as air forces seek to maximise the benefits of their training activities.

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