IDEX 2017

Farsighted nano-drone [IDEX17D4]

21 February 2017

One of the interesting products on display at Flir Systems (Stand CP-090), apart from its comprehensive range of airborne targeting, border surveillance systems and weapon sights, is the Black Hornet.

This nano-drone uses Flir’s Lepton micro-thermal camera, visible spectrum cameras, advanced low-power rotor technology and proprietary software for flight control, stabilisation and communications. The Black Hornet helicopter is one of the lightest and most stealthy nano-drones on the market. Weighing only 16g, it can fly for up to 25 minutes at line-of- sight distances of up to 1.6km in 15 knot wind conditions.

This makes it ideal for traditional military forces and special operations forces on mission-critical ground surveillance, force protection and border control missions.

It has been used successfully by British, Norwegian and US forces.

The PD-100 Black Hornet came as part of the deal when Flir System acquired Norwegian company Prox Dynamics, a leading developer and manufacturer of nano-class unmanned aerial systems for military and para-military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications.

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