IDEX 2017

ARCIMS seeks out submarine threats [IDEX17D4]

21 February 2017

Atlas Elektronik UK (AEUK) (Stand B-044) has secured a first order for its ARCIMS maritime autonomous mission system in an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) application.

This latest contract, for an undisclosed naval customer, will see the company deliver two ARCIMS vehicles configured with an ASW surveillance mission module able to detect, classify and locate underwater threats such as submarines, mini-submarines and diver delivery vehicles.

The ARCIMS unmanned surface vehicle (USV) is a proven military specification, maritime auto nomous mission system based on a customisable 11m platform. It is easily transportable by road, sea or air for rapid deployment from naval bases or strategic locations.

Developed by AEUK as a private venture, variants of ARCIMS have previously been sold for remote minesweeping operations, and to support unmanned systems test, trials and evaluation. The new ASW mission package being acquired by the latest customer will feature a compact active/passive variable depth sonar – combining a high-power omnidirectional transmitter and a triplet receive array – optimised for operation in challenging littoral environments characterised by warm, shallow water.

According to AEUK, the ASW surveillance mission module “will be used by [the customer] to patrol their littoral waters and conduct persistent monitoring of underwater activity for early detection of potential threats”.

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