IDEX 2017

Expanded product range [IDEX17D3]

21 February 2017

NIMR Automotive of the United Arab Emirates (Stand 05-A05) is now ramping up production of its Ajban (4x4) and Hafeet (6x6) high-mobility vehicles at its purpose-built facility at the Tawazun Industrial Park in Abu Dhabi.

Dr Fahad Harhara, CEO of NIMR Automotive, told the Show Daily:“This new facility, spanning 37,500m2, is the largest military vehicle manufacturing facility in the region. It has doubled our production and led to significant efficiency gains by putting all our processes under one roof. The new facility is the perfect platform to support our expansion to new markets in Europe and Asia.”

So far, more than 1,000 vehicles have been built for the home and export markets, with assembly of the Ajban class 4x4 in an armoured station wagon version being undertaken in Algeria under an agreement signed in July 2012. All vehicles in the Hafeet class can be equipped with a variety of high degree protection elements to enhance crew survivability against attacks from roadside IEDs, under-vehicle mines and ballistic threats.

These 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles share many common components to reduce through life-cycle costs. The Ajban has a typical gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 9,000kg, while the Hafeet has a GVW of up to 13,000kg.

Both are powered by a Cummins diesel engine coupled to an Allison fully automatic transmission. A key feature is their modular design, which allows them to be tailored to meet end users’ specific operational requirements. They are also fitted with a generic electronic architecture, which makes for easier upgrading in the future as new technologies become available.

The protected Hafeet vehicle is also being used as a weapon platform for Mistral surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), and as a gun platform armed with a Denel Tactical Remote Turret armed with a 30mm 2A42 dual-feed cannon and a 7.62mm co-axial machine gun.

The Ajban special operations vehicle has been designed for long-range reconnaissance missions by special forces and its high volume and payload allow self-sustained missions for two weeks for a team of four.

To further broaden its product range, NIMR Automotive has purchased the rights to the RG35 family 4x4 and 6x6 multi-role vehicles from the now Denel Vehicle Systems of South Africa. The first 100 of the 4x4 version are coming from the South African production line, followed by progressive transfer of production to the UAE of this and the 6x6 model.

The 4x4 vehicle is now being marketed as the JAIS and has enabled NIMR Automotive to expand its product range. It features 60 per cent greater protected space and payload over traditional designs.

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