IDEX 2017

Protecting forces [IDEX17D3]

21 February 2017

With 25 years’ experience in the technology, design and manufacture of force protection solutions, it is hardly surprising that the Hesco Group (Stand 05-C23) has been awarded an AED91.5 million ($25 million) contract for its HAB (Hesco accommodation bunker) and defensive walls.

The group earlier announced the opening of its first manufacturing facility in the UAE as part of a growth strategy and long-term commitment to the Gulf. Global business development manager Hamish Russell said: “Built on the firm relationship with the UAE Land Forces for the past 13 years, this new venture as part of the Tawazun economic agreement will also create business opportunities throughout the region.”

The new Hesco factory is to be built in the Al Ain industrial area, which will add a viable contribution to the surrounding commercial sector and create jobs in both factory and operations, particularly for UAE military veterans. “Manufacturing in the UAE would also ensure early delivery of product to local customers,” Russell added.

The company intends the Al Ain facility to produce not only Hesco products for military use, but also other high-security products, including the patented Terrablock XT (pictured). The rigid faced, anti-climb security fence with surface-mounted technology has been proved to stop a 7,000kg hostile vehicle travelling at 80km/h to ASTM specifications.

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