IDEX 2017

SIHAM3 gun/missile system unveiled [IDEX17D3]

21 February 2017

UAE company Siham Al Khaleej Technology (SAKT, Stand B-004) has partnered with Leonardo and MBDA to develop an innovative ‘made in the UAE’ hybrid shipborne gun/ missile system.

Unveiled in mock-up form at NAVDEX, the new SIHAM3 weapon system is intended to provide anti-air and anti-surface defence for a wide range of naval vessels.

Based on Leonardo’s proven Marlin WS 30mm naval gun and Medusa MK4/B electro-optical fire control system, the SIHAM3 system provides a fully autonomous capability to detect and track air and surface targets. The 30mm gun system is further complemented by twin Mistral air defence missiles fitted atop the mounting.

Under the co-operation agreement between the three parties, SAKT will be responsible for integration of the SIHAM3 system.

While initially designed for standalone operation, a further evolution of SIHAM3 will allow for integration with a combat management system.

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