IDEX 2017

Set your sights [IDEX17D3]

21 February 2017

Greek high-technology company Miltech Hellas (MLT) (Stand 08-A29) is showcasing some of its innovative solutions in thermal imaging, thermal periscopes, surveillance systems and wireless aiming devices.

The company, based just outside Athens, also offers telecommunication accessories, aircraft harnesses and other special purpose electronic applications.

Its MLT-IRS series of lightweight, rugged thermal weapon sights for tactical operations are ideal for light and heavy machine guns and antitank rocket launchers. The systems offer clear imaging day or night and in obscured atmospheric conditions such as dust, fog, rain or smoke.

The same advanced technologies are applied to the MLT-DTP thermal periscopes, which incorporate a 3rd generation shutterless infrared sensor and day camera for normal weather conditions. The company’s MLT-SUR series of thermal surveillance cameras is suitable for long-range observation and surveillance for security, government or civilian use.

MLT claims that its lightweight wireless aiming systems (MLT-WVP) enable the shooter to visualise the target from a thermal camera linked to a helmet-mounted display and RF link, which in turn enables firing around corners without the shooter being exposed to enemy fire.

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