IDEX 2017

Hawkei soars Down Under [IDEX17D3]

21 February 2017

Following trials with prototype vehicles, Thales Australia (Stand 08-A08) was awarded a production contract for the supply of 1,100 Hawkei (4x4) Protected Mobility Vehicle – Light (PMV-L) plus 1,058 trailers to meet the Australian Army Land 121 Phase 4 requirement.

Low rate production commences in 2017, with ramping up to full rate production in 2018 and final deliveries in 2021. Hawkei will replace the army’s unprotected Land Rover (4x4) vehicles.

Hawkei has a gross vehicle weight of 10,400kg, which includes the armour package, crew, equipment, fuel and weapons allowance of 3,000kg. Unique to Hawkei is the compartmentalised power pack with the engine and transmission side by side, resulting in no need for a transmission intrusion into the crew compartment.

This provides Hawkei with significant internal cabin volume.

The central crew compartment is of bolted steel, to which a scalable ballistic armour package is fitted. Internally the crew is provided with blast-attenuating seats, and spall liners are also fitted for higher crew survivability.

The standard vehicle has four doors with two seats at the front and an additional three seats to the rear and there is also a two-door version, which has seats for a maximum of three people.

Hawkei is powered by a Steyr Motors M16 6-cylinder diesel developing 268hp, which is coupled to a ZF automatic transmission with eight forward and one reverse gears and a two-speed transfer case. Maximum road speed is 110km/h and the 200-litre fuel tank gives a range of 600km.

The Hawkei being shown at IDEX is fitted with a Kongsberg remote weapon station armed with a .50 M2 HB machine gun. A Thales acoustic detector is also fitted.

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