IDEX 2017

Easy spotting of threats [IDEX17D3]

21 February 2017

When shots ring out in difficult terrain or extreme conditions, it is hard to establish the shooter’s location to counter the threat.

Netherlands-based Microflown AVISA (Stand 10-B34) has a proven solution with its acoustic multi-mission sensor (AMMS).

Already fielded with NATO and non-NATO forces, the AMMS has been demonstrated to successfully locate six shooters in a mountain valley scenario, in which a mix of single shots and bursts with various calibres was fired.

According to the company, its system is the only one on the market to use acoustic particle velocity, instead of sound pressure, to measure the origin of any sound. It has the ability to detect small arms fire or indirect fire coming from rockets, artillery and mortars (RAM), well beyond line of sight, with a directional accuracy of 1.5°. It cannot be jammed, requires no line of sight (darkness, fog, dust) and also works under adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain.

Thanks to its low SWaP (size, weight and power), the AMMS system is also very flexible to use. In highly mobile situations, a single system can be deployed in only a few minutes by one soldier on foot. The system can also be used to protect fixed assets in fixed situations, such as the protection of high-value targets.

When used for target indication, less ammunition is used, which enhances the cost-effectiveness of the AMMS. A full system consists of five AMMS sensor posts and one command post. Besides a minimal logistics impact, operating the AMMS requires just one day of training.

Microflown AVISA states that the AMMS system was designed to handle temperatures from -20 to +50°C, including desert conditions.

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