IDEX 2017

Casting a new shadow [IDEX17D3]

21 February 2017

Having been a favoured supplier of military equipment for more than 10 years, Italian company DefCon 5 (Stand 06-B05) has launched the Shadow line of products to meet the needs of specialised operators.

Collaborating with DefCon 5 France and the Lab Tac company, which offers technical training in defence and security, the new Shadow products have been designed for strength, comfort and lightness.

The loading harness bearing belt is ergonomically shaped to offer optimal comfort when heavy loads are carried, especially at lumbar level. Likewise, the vest carrier with its innovative design is both light yet strong for MOLLE (modular lightweight load-bearing equipment).

DefCon 5’s single open ammo pouch in the Shadow line is compatible with most clip types for assault rifles, from 5.56x45mm to 7.62x39mm calibre. Resistance to extraction of the clip is regulated by a rubber band.

The name DefCon 5 was derived from the term Defence Condition to indicate a level of defence preparedness in peace or war time. The company has been assigned a NATO authorised dealer since 2007, with the NATO Cage Code AG427. It was ISO 9001 certified in 2013.

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