IDEX 2017

MASS effect for ship protection [IDEX17D2]

19 February 2017

Rheinmetall continues to expand the functionality of its widely sold Multi-Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) ship protection system with new payloads and sensor integration options.

MASS has been designed to provide multi-spectral protection against guided weapons in all relevant wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum (including radar, infrared and electro- optical). Suitable for installation on a wide range of platforms, it can be integrated into an existing command and weapon control system, or operated as a standalone system.

Typically MASS consists of between one and six trainable launchers, each able to fire 32 standard Omni-Trap munitions. Each launcher comes with a control unit and a data interface (Ethernet/ RS422 or other standard interface).

At IDEX the company is showcasing two new options: MASS_OCR with an off-board corner reflector (OCR) payload; and the new standalone MASS Stand Alone with Sensor Suite for smaller units.

The MASS_OCR introduces a new corner reflector countermeasures payload, designed to produce a ship-like radar response, which can be used in either the distraction or seduction modes. Each launcher unit can be configured with two OCR rockets programmed to deploy the corner reflector to a range of between 35m and 850m. The reflector payload itself is suspended beneath a parachute, sustaining the effect for over 60 seconds.

With the MASS Stand Alone with Sensor Suite, Rheinmetall has engineered a self-contained system with its own control unit, power supply and sensor suite (a radar warner and a laser warning system) and typically one or two MASS decoy launchers.

This configuration is specifically targeted at smaller ships Apart from the standard and OCR versions, Rheinmetall offers a number of other customisations.

These include MASS_ISS (Integrated Sensor Suite), which features integrated radar ESM systems as well as laser warning; MASS_ATD (Anti Torpedo Decoy), which embodies acoustic decoys to provide an anti-torpedo capability; the MASS Omni-Trap mmW incorporates chaff cut to millimetric wave frequencies for defeating the latest generation of guided missiles; and MASS_DUERAS, which configures the standard MASS launcher with additional distraction-mode chaff decoy rockets.

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