IDEX 2017

Making tracks for Middle East [IDEX17D2]

19 February 2017

Soucy Defense of Canada is targeting its composite rubber track at the many countries in the Middle East that operate the M113 series of tracked armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and variants that are currently fitted with conventional steel track with rubber pads.

So far Soucy Defense has supplied more than 11,000 sets of its composite rubber track for installation on a variety of articulated all-terrain vehicles, including the BAE Systems Bv 206, Bv 206S and current production BvS 10, and the Singapore Technologies Bronco.

More than 2,000 vehicle sets have been supplied for the M113 APC and variants used by a number of countries, including Canada and Norway, and they are now standard fit on the current production CV9030N being delivered to Norway.

For trial purposes, the composite rubber track has been installed on many other platforms including the Alvis Scimitar, the Alvis Spartan APC, the Armadillo APC, the ASCOD APC, the M2 Bradley IFV and the Protected Mission Module Carrier G5.

When compared with conventional steel track, composite rubber track offers a significant number of advances including through lifecycle cost savings. Survivability benefits include less rolling resistance, increased top speed and acceleration, reduced engine load and reduced fuel consumption, which leads to an increase in the operating range. Composite rubber track is also much lighter than conventional steel track and causes less noise and vibration, reducing the effect on the crew and the degrading of the vehicle electronics.

Its mean durability is typically between 6,000 and 10,000km and trials have shown that when operating in sand, composite rubber track has around 19 per cent more traction than conventional steel track.

While originally designed for installation on lighter tracked platforms, Soucy Defense has been rapidly increasing the gross vehicle weight (GVW) and has recently tested its tracks at a GVW of 42 tonnes, with the objective being to raise this to 50 tonnes.

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