IDEX 2017

Bird’s eye view [IDEX17D2]

19 February 2017

Logos Technologies LLC (Stand 03- B29), a US diverse science, engineering and technology company, will be showing a new version of its lightweight Redkite and upgraded, exportable Kestrel Block II wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensors for defence, public safety, humanitarian assistance and border security missions. Designed to operate at 12,000ft above ground level, the Redkite WAMI can image a whole city-sized area all at once – detecting and simultaneously tracking all significant geographically dispersed movers in real time, while also recording events for later forensic analysis.

Redkite’s greater than 50 megapixels (MP) camera can image an area up to 4km in diameter. From within this expansive field of view, operators can retrieve up to 10 select video feeds, and stream them down to hundreds of desktop computers, tablets or other mobile devices in real time. In its pod form, Redkite weighs less than 35lb (15kg) and can be mounted on a variety of helicopters, aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems (UASs).

Attendees at IDEX will also be able to see a full-size model of a newer, even lighter, Redkite sensor adapted for the internal payload of a small Group 3 UAS.

Each Kestrel Block II sensor, when mounted on an aerostat, creates a 440MP mosaic image and can also monitor an entire city-sized area at once, day and night, and for weeks at a time.

“The key upgrade in Kestrel Block II,” said John Marion, president of Logos Technologies, “is that we have improved the operational reliability, while significantly reducing the weight from 150lb [68kg] to less than 85lb [40kg].” This lighter weight allows the Block II to be paired with a wider range of aerostats, sensors and communications equipment.

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