IDEX 2017

Beat the threat [IDEX17D2]

19 February 2017

US based HighCom Security (Stand C3-004) has just announced four new hard armour models to its ballistic product line. As with High- Com’s other products, the four new Guardian models received compliance status through the National Institute of Justice compliance testing programme (NIJ CTP).

“With the growth of body armour supply, and considering these are life-saving products, we are focusing all possible resources into the certification programme created by NIJ along with our ISO 9001:2008 and BA 9000:2012 certified quality management system,” said Michael Bundy, president of HighCom.

He said the new models offer law enforcement and military personnel an expanded selection of both single-curve and multi-curve options for up-armour requirements, specifically for armour-piercing threats and high-powered rifle threats. The company’s Guardian series product line now includes 10 NIJ 0101.06 certified models.

Announcing the launch of its Striker ultralight ‘UL’ and high-performance ‘HP’ ballistic protective helmets, HighCom stated these models exceed ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ Standard 0106.01, as well as MIL-STD-662F according to STANAG 2920.

Sales of HighCom’s current lightweight solutions have already exceeded 100,000 units.

HighCom’s helmets are designed using the most advanced ballistic materials including ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. The UL and HP series come in various cuts and styles including the ACH, MICH and PASGT (personnel armour system for ground troops), and will be commercially available through HighCom’s global distribution network.

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