IDEX 2017

Mitigating bomb blast [IDEX17D2]

19 February 2017

BlastGard International (Stand C3-004) is presenting its bomb mitigating Trash Receptacles models MTR91 and MTR101, which reduce the pressure from a very large charge from 60.47psi (fatal), to 7.5psi (eardrum damage) at 3m. BlastGard CEO Michael Gordon said: “Under extensive testing, BlastGard’s MTR units suppress the force of a very large charge, even when it is placed against the vulnerable sidewall weld seam.

The units dramatically reduce blast pressures and extinguish the fireball within 5 milliseconds, all while maintaining complete structural integrity. We are also applying this technology to many other sectors including gear for first responders, aviation, military personnel and machinery, oil pipelines, and blast walls for buildings to limit the hazards of an explosion.”

Another company technology is BlastWrap, made from two flexible films arranged one over the other and filled with attenuating filler such as volcanic glass beads, which has an extinguishing coating that offers protection against blast and fire/burn threats.

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