IDEX 2017

Bite the bullet [IDEX17D2]

19 February 2017

As the need to counter threats grows, specialist ammunition is improved, which is why UK company Primetake (Stand 07-D21) is launching three new small arms ammunition products. It has just introduced the armour piercing (AP) and armour piercing incendiary (API) rounds in .338 (8.6x70mm) calibre, along with the .308 (7.62x 51mm) AP round.

Containing the same tungsten carbide core as the .338 AP projectile, the .338 API projectile uses a mechanically initiated incendiary effect, which produces both front and rear incendiary.

The rounds are qualified to defeat an array of hardened targets, with the incendiary effect qualified to ignite gas cylinders and petrol containers both directly and post-barrier.

The company is also planning the launch later this year of new variants of its specialised elite rounds. One of these is the .300 urban combat round (UCR300) being developed within the important .300 AAC Blackout calibre. It is aimed mainly at special forces and counter-terror units to maximise performance and capability in challenging tactical situations. The projectile is designed to penetrate laminated glass at 45° angles, while maintaining trajectory to the original point of aim.

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