IDEX 2017

Double detection [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

A leader in maritime navigation and security surveillance radar, Kelvin Hughes Ltd (Stand 05-C19) has released a range of new informational content that highlights the benefits of its SBS-900-4 SharpEye radar system.

Choosing the right radar sensor for a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) or coastal surveillance application can be challenging and trying to balance the correct radar sensor technologies with budgetary restrictions often leads to compromising on the radar frequency band selected (X- or S-band). Kelvin Hughes has addressed this problem with its development of the SBS-900-4, which can operate in both X-band and S-band using co-located antennas, creating a significant differential in coastal surveillance and VTS radar solutions.

Part of the company’s SBS (Shore Based Sensors) family, the SBS-900-4 can be deployed as a single radar site or as part of a radar sensor network and has been designed in accordance with industrial standard protocols to make the work of any system integrator as easy and low cost as possible.

With its solid-state SharpEye technology, it applies Doppler processing to the radar returns to provide superior target detection, including low-level air targets, even in the harshest of weather conditions. Mast-mounted, the ultra-reliable SBS-900-4 is contained within an environmentally sealed enclosure.

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