IDEX 2017

Versatile platforms [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

Innovative weapon platforms for vehicles or stationary applications are what Danish company Sima Innovation (Stand 08-D23) is renowned for. This week at IDEX, the company is showing its new Panorama/Tilt unit RRTU705.

Originally designed for grenade launchers firing non-lethal grenades for crowd control, the RRTU705 is a versatile platform for other types of equipment in the surveillance role, mounted on vehicles and stationary platforms. Fitted with a 7.62mm light machine gun, the platform can operate as a semi-overhead weapon station to protect special assets such as an embassy or camp. Last month, Kuwait took delivery of a number of RRTU705s.

Sima Innovation is also showcasing its lightweight motorised Ring Mount (RM), designed for integration on a range of vehicle platforms, from light 4x4 vehicles to trucks and APCs. The RM is operated with a joystick to allow the gunner greater flexibility by having a hand on the weapon throughout. Together with the soft mount it provides fast target acquisition and allows the operator to follow a target on the move. The RM can be equipped with addon armour up to STANAG level 3.

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