IDEX 2017

Trained to shoot [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

With an eye on developing and perfecting shooting skills, French firm Sterela Defense (Stand 09-B20) has been offering live firing training solutions since 1989. The company can provide indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, practical shooting and urban warfare scenarios, and its clients range from defence and other government ministries, to private sector entities.

“Our shooting training systems for live ground-to-ground and ground-to-air sessions are suitable for light and heavy weapons, and are compatible with typical targets or armoured vehicles,” said Cédric Naudi, Middle East-Africa business developer. “The system provides an operational mission context, like different terrain, environments and climatic conditions, even urban warfare.” Simulators provide background noise, pyrotechnic and blast effects to recreate a hostile environment. Team members undergoing training develop skills in terrain analysis, reaction and reflexes, accuracy and group communication and co-ordination.

Sterela offers full lifecycle support for its equipment and guarantees a production lifetime of at least 15 years, Naudi explained.

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