IDEX 2017

Meal time [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

Modern soldiers deployed in varied operational environments anywhere in the world can now count on highly nutritious and tasty rations. Spanish company Jomipsa (Stand 07-C26) is at the forefront of providing field ration packs for the soldier of the 21st century.

Key considerations in the company’s ration pack design include healthy and balanced meals; energy for optimal physical and mental performance; taste; and diversity to avoid menu fatigue. The ration pack also has to be functional, to allow soldiers to be able to enjoy a warm meal, hot beverage and purified water no matter where they are deployed.

Increasingly the soldier is deployed alongside or in collaboration with those of other nationalities. In this global environment, the ration packs should provide options that comply with strict religious diets. These meals are often shared with the civilian population comprising different ethnic, cultural and religious beliefs.

Jomipsa has been developing ration packs for military and security forces for 35 years. It prides itself on its ability to guarantee top-quality, proper and functional nutrition for soldiers in many and unforeseeable conditions. This includes 24-hour high-performance packs, emergency pilot and civil rations.

Importantly, it has the logistical capability to meet the needs of soldiers anywhere in the world.

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