IDEX 2017

Defeat the hackers [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

Highly professional cyber-attackers, known as hackers in common parlance, pose serious threats to military and civilian entities worldwide.

Swiss company Crypto AG (Stand 08-B10) offers its Crypto SmartProtect advanced information security solution against all types of cyber-attacks.

Comprising multiple hardware- and software-based security elements, the technology is installed onto computing platforms specially qualified by Crypto AG, namely the Crypto SmartProtect computing platform. This platform is easily integrated into any existing IT infrastructure. By supporting standard operating systems such as Windows or Linux, the user is assured of maximum flexibility and efficiency.

The Crypto SmartProtect security module integrated into the computing platform contains all security-relevant encryption and authentication services such as secure boot, secure login and the Crypto SmartProtect OS boot image. As the security module cannot be modified, it guarantees not only the protection of all the hardware and software, but also the integrity of the computing platform.

The company states that the technology supports the simultaneous operation of multiple, autonomous user environments. These are completely separated from one another, yet one can switch from one user environment to the next with a single click. Consistent separation of user environments always ensures the highest level of information security.

Crypto SmartProtect can be installed on stationary and mobile workstations, making it ideal for a wide range of military, law enforcement and civilian users.

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