IDEX 2017

Monitoring the terrain [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

Soldiers increasingly rely on advanced systems for surveillance and intelligence gathering. Russian firm Polus’s Radiobarrier UTMS (unattended terrain monitoring system, Stand 04-A08) has been developed for such operations.

The system retains all visual and log evidence of alarms in its internal memory, which is large enough to allow 24/7 alarm awareness in the area under surveillance, thus continuous communication with the system is not required. The collected data consists of information about a target type, time and duration of the event, as well as photographic confirmation of the activity by a human or vehicle.

This is especially useful to counter IED threats, in that UTMS sensors can be deployed along roads to warn troops of activities that may be related to IED placement. By having the UTMS sensors placed ahead of time in vulnerable locations, such as drains or culverts, the movement of people and vehicles within the sensor’s detection range can be recorded and stored.

A tablet PC-based control unit with the convoy travelling along the road automatically connects to the sensors once it gets within a predefined range and downloads the stored data. As the operator is able to see the location, time and duration of suspicious activities, a bomb disposal procedure can be initiated.

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