IDEX 2017

Armoured ATC [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

High frequency (HF) radio communications equipment from Barrett Communications (Stand 07-C01) has been installed into armoured mobile air traffic control (ATC) towers for use in African peacekeeping missions.

Comprising a tower cabin that provides 360° visibility, a full communications package has been fitted, including UHF, VHF, HF and ground-to-ground links, audio recording for post-action debriefing purposes, meteorological sensors and displays, ancillary ATC items such as a wireless ALDIS signalling lamp, a flare gun and various other items as per ICAO requirements.

The system is designed to operate on 220V AC 50Hz utility power backed by a generator with the same power rating. The four armoured mobile ATC towers have been designed and built in the Middle East.

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