IDEX 2017

Detect and identify [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

French company CILAS (Stand 07- B18) is promoting its new vehicle-mounted SLD 500 long-range laser detector.

The SLD 500 works around the clock equipped with long-range and thermal cameras that can detect, identify and locate any kind of optical sight system up to 2,000m away in an urban or battlefield environment.

The data collected by the SLD 500 can be transmitted to the vehicle’s battle management system (BMS).

The new vehicle-mounted version is now in production and has been delivered to a first major customer.

The system can also be mounted as a stand-alone or on a tripod (the SLD 500LR), which is a long-range version well adapted to urban and complex environments. It is equipped with a long-range day camera for clear visual identifications up to 1,000m and a long-range thermal camera allowing night operations.

Based on the cat eye effect, when illuminated by a laser beam, an optical system returns some backscattered energy. It provides 360° surveillance and registers all occurring events. An alarm will go off when an optical sight is detected, so there is no need for an operator to be on hand all the time.

The SLD 500 is combat proven, having been used by the British Army in theatre. The detector is also in use by police and security services in a number of undisclosed countries.

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