IDEX 2017

Power from within [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

Belgium-based FN Herstal (Stand 07- C17), one of the world’s leading firearms manufacturers, has launched its newly developed, self-powered FN SmartCore shot counter for the FN SCAR family of rifles, based on breakthrough technology.

The new FN SmartCore is a no-battery device located inside the lower receiver of the weapon and detects firing by using the rearward movement of the moving parts – hence, requiring no battery and no maintenance.

The shot counter uses fully automated software to provide precise information about a firearm. This includes the number of shots (blank, live and dry firing being discriminated), its base location, to whom it is issued and its operational condition.

It can collect information automatically or upon request with absolutely no impact on the user’s mission. Any data is transmitted wirelessly at short range only and upon request, ensuring it is undetectable and there is no unintentional emission.

The FN SmartCore can be housed in any rifle in the FN SCAR family and one is already available for the FN MINIMI M249 5.56mm and FN Mk 48 7.62mm light machine gun.

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