Light and versatile [INDODEF16-D3]

04 November 2016

Czech company Ceska Zbrojovska (Hall A, Stand 227), a long-standing small arms manufacturer, is introducing the latest weapon of its well-established CZ brand, the new fully ambidextrous CZ Bren 2 assault rifle, to the Southeast Asian market. Retaining the best features of its predecessor, the CZ 805 Bren, the Bren 2 was designed to meet the most demanding requirements of special units and armed forces operating anywhere in the world.

Available in 5.56x45mm NATO calibre, the rifle is aimed at users who require a light, versatile and absolutely reliable weapon under extreme conditions. The weapon is based on the well-proven gas system with a three-position adjustable regulator of the piston mechanism.

Low weight and compact dimensions for quick and comfortable handling and a nonreciprocating cocking handle during shooting are among its stated advantages. It is available in two variants. The A1 assault rifle model weighs 3.05kg and has a 279mm barrel, measuring 798mm with its foldable telescopic butt fully extended. In contrast, the 2.95kg A2 carbine is equipped with a 203mm barrel and measures 725mm at full stretch. For close quarters combat the butt-stock can be folded sideways, with the assault rifle and carbine shortened to 570mm and 497mm respectively.

The Bren 2 also features an enlarged fire selector with single and automatic fire modes – eliminating the two-round burst mode of the earlier model – with a rate of fire of approximately 850 rounds per minute. Barrel life is rated at 20,000 rounds before replacement.

Four MIL-STD-1913 rails enable a range of accessories to be mounted, with foldable iron sights mounted on the monolithic upper rail while the three and nine o’clock rails can be removed if necessary. A new three-pronged suppressor is also included, which has been designed to reduce muzzle flash and noise.

Following successful trials, deliveries to launch customer Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) are beginning this week.

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