Special delivery service [INDODEF16-D3]

03 November 2016

Swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs) provide a means to covertly deploy special forces into non-permissive areas so that they may perform clandestine missions (for example, intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, and the insertion/extraction of operatives).

As a tool unique to the special operations community, SDVs are generally kept well away from the limelight. At Indo Defence 2016, however, South Korea’s VOGO (Hall D, Stand 215) is taking the opportunity to showcase its SDV portfolio, including the SDV 1000W hybrid submersible/surface vessel.

Development of the SDV 1000W began in 2009, with VOGO completing a first delivery to the Republic of Korea Navy in 2013.The 12m-long low-profile craft is operated in dual mode: on the surface, the combination of diesel engines and waterjet propulsors provides for a transit speed of up to 35kt and a maximum range of 200 nautical miles; the vehicle then transitions into submerged mode, using lithium polymer batteries and quiet electric motors to come close to shore. Maximum submerged range is quoted at 25 nautical miles, with the craft capable of achieving speeds of more than 6kt.

The SDV 1000W can carry up to 10 personnel in shock-mitigating seats. Maximum payload is 1.5 tonnes.According to VOGO, the SDV 1000W is capable of air-drop from C-17 and C-130 transport aircraft.

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