Step-change in firepower [INDODEF16-D2]

02 November 2016

The Design Office Display of Belarus (Hall A, Stand AP30) has completed development of a new version of its Adunok remote weapon station (RWS) called the Adunok-W.

The first version of the Adunok RWS to enter quantity production was armed with a single 7.62mm PKT machine gun (MG), 12.7mm Kord MG or a 30mm AG-17A automatic grenade launcher, but Adunuk-W has a step-change in firepower as it is armed with a Russian 12.7mm NSVT MG on the right and a 30mm AG-17A AGL on the left.

The 12.7mm MG is provided with 100 rounds of ready use ammunition, while the 30mm AGL has 50 rounds of ready use ammunition, with both natures fed from the right. Once this has been expended, one of the crew has to leave the vehicle to carry out manual reloading.

The weapons are fully stabilised, with the sensor pod mounted externally on the left side.

This consists of a video camera with a maximum detection range of 2,000m, a thermal camera with a maximum range of 1,000m and a laser rangefinder with a maximum range of 2,500m.

The system can be traversed through 360º with weapon elevation from -10 to +60º at a rate of 60º a second under electrical power from the vehicle platform. If required, the RWS could have its own dedicated electrical power supply so that it could operate independently of the platform.

The operator is provided with a flat panel display and joystick-type controls. As an automatic target tracker (ATT) is fitted, this allows for targets to be tracked in dense battlefield environments with a high first round hit probability. The company has also developed a naval version, which has been optimised for use in the much harsher naval environment.

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