Smart surveillance [INDODEF16-D2]

02 November 2016

Digital Barriers (Hall A, Stand 093) designs, develops, manufactures and sells visually intelligent surveillance technology. Highlighted are its SmartVis non-consensual facial recognition technology, which uses stand-off cameras to identify people against watch lists and can also harvest faces for future analysis.

The technology can also be used remotely on smart devices, so that security personnel are able to identify potential suspects against watch lists while on the ground.

ThruVis is a highly sensitive and covertly deployable camera, capable of detecting objects under clothing, so you can spot a suicide bomber from a range of up to 10 metres or identify a drug smuggler at a busy border crossing. It can detect metal or plastic weapons, explosives, liquids or drugs. It can be operated remotely to screen crowds at stadiums and major events.

Another of the company’s products is real-time live streaming for body-worn cameras, which employs secure video transmission technology that uses 60 per cent less bandwidth than standard technologies, making the addition of live streaming to a body-worn camera both technically and financially viable. It has already been deployed in every conceivable remote and hostile location, from jungle borders to desert battlefields, as well as in major cities around the world.

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