Light Gun aimed at more sales [INDODEF16-D2]

02 November 2016

Nexter Systems (Hall A, Stand 017) is continuing to market the 105mm LG1 Light Gun, which has already been sold to Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

The French company claims the LG1 is the world’s lightest 105mm assault gun. Indonesia has already taken delivery of 20 105mm LG1 Light Guns and Nexter Systems is hoping there will be a second contract for additional weapons in the not too distant future.

Maximum range depends on the projectile/ charge combination. Firing the very old US 105mm M1 high-explosive (HE) projectile, a maximum range of 11.4km is achieved, but firing the more recent Nexter Munitions 105mm HE hollow base (HE HB) projectile, this is extended to 15km. Maximum range with the company’s 105mm HE base bleed (HE BB) is 17km.

A key feature of the LG1 is that its low weight of 1,550kg allows it to be rapidly transported by land, sea and air.

When travelling, the 105mm ordnance is normally traversed to the rear over the closed trails and for firing is traversed through 180º to the front. It can be brought into action and taken out of action in about 30 seconds and maximum rate of fire for a short period is 12 rounds a minute.

When deployed in the firing position it is supported by its two trail legs provided with a spade and a circular pivot under the forward part of the carriage that allows it to be rapidly re-laid onto a new target.

It was originally fitted with standard optical direct and indirect fire sights but is now marketed with a navigation and gun-laying system for increased accuracy. There are are number of inertial navigation systems and global positioning systems (INS/GPS) being offered for this weapon, which is is being shown at Indo Defence 2016 fitted with the Nexter TOP-Lite gun ballistic solution and display system on the left side.

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