More capable rocket system [INDODEF16-D1]

01 November 2016

China North Industries Corporation (Hall B, Stand 058) is emphasising its SR5 Universal Artillery Rocket Launcher (UARL), writes Christopher F Foss, which is based on a 6x6 cross-country truck chassis for strategic mobility.

The SR5 UARL has a powered turntable, which can carry two pods of 20 x 122mm unguided rockets or two pods of 6 x 220mm unguided rockets, or one pod of each for added flexibility.

More recently NORINCO has announced that the SR5 can fire guided rockets. The first of these is the Fire Dragon 40 122mm, which has an inertial navigation system (INS) and a global positioning system (GPS) claimed to provide a circular error of probability (CEP) of 25m, with the solid propellant rocket designated the BRE7.

Fire Dragon 40 is stated to have a minimum range of 20km and a maximum range of 40km and is fitted with a steel ball high-explosive (HE) warhead with a lethal radius of 60m.

The second is the King Dragon 60 (GR1) 220mm laser-guided terminal rocket, which also has INS and GPS guidance and a CEP of 25m, with the solid propellant rocket designated the GR1. When used in laser-guided configuration, the CEP is stated to be 3m.

The King Dragon 60 has a minimum range of 25km, a maximum range of 70km, and can be fitted with various types of warhead including HE and penetrating.

While NORINCO has never released details of any artillery rocket systems exports, the SR5 UARL has recently been identified to be in service in Bahrain with pods of 122mm and 220mm rockets, but at this stage it has not been confirmed that Bahrain has guided rockets.

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