Keeping the genie in the bottle [INDODEF16-D1]

01 November 2016

CBRN (chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear) is dangerous. Getting it cleaned up takes some effort, but Italian firm Cristanini (Hall A, Stand 098) has an innovative range of decontamination/detoxification systems that makes it easier.

The Sanijetgun puts the operation in the hands of a single person, allowing hot or cold water under high pressure to mix with BX 24 powder, which is sprayed onto vehicles, equipment or personnel. The special lightweight and compact lance enables the operator to carry out three operations at the same time: pre-washing, decontamination/detoxification and rinsing.

“Unlike most decon/detox systems requiring the decontaminant to be mixed beforehand, our Sanijetgun mixes the chemical with water as it is operated,” explained a company spokesman, adding that on sensitive equipment such as aircraft instruments, computers and electro-optics, it uses a non-corrosive, nontoxic decontaminant such as SX 34, which is environmentally friendly and does not damage sensitive equipment when cleaned. “CBRN is the genie in the bottle,” said Cristanini. “We need to make sure it remains contained.”

Among other products is the LDV-X for effective protection inside critical infrastructures and decontamination of large volumes; Shelter CBRN/2, a self-contained large capacity mobile field station for continuous and simultaneous detoxification; BX 40 liquid for the decontamination of aircraft and helicopters; and the PSDS 1.5 Mil small system for manual use.

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